Spotted: Peter Mowry – Moonless

Spotted: Peter Mowry – Moonless

Today I’m introducing you to American composer Peter Mowry living in Portland, Maine. Peter has played music professionally for about 25 years but the release Up is endless is the first solo release ever!

The track Moonless is the opening track on the EP mentioned above, and was released on the 22nd of November 2019.

Tell us something about your track Moonless!
The track “Moonless” is about being in a place that seemingly feels dark and alone, but the presence of something more is still there. In the darkness there is light. Sometimes that feeling can feel hypnotic and I wanted the music to put the mind in a rested place that is open to reflection. These days it’s hard to step back and be present and I wanted to create something that helps create a feeling of being totally present.

Thank you for sharing this with us Peter!

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