Spotted: Philip G Anderson – Along the Forest Floor

Spotted: Philip G Anderson – Along the Forest Floor

Today I’m introducing you to American composer Philip G Anderson based in Atlanta. The album Wilderness was created as a way to escape the “small, claustrophobic, and dark room” where he writes and records his music. And the song titles reflect the theme of the album; Mountains, Along the forest floor and Lakes being two of them.

I seek to tell a story and convey feeling with the music I write and in doing so, connect with the listener.

The album was released the 1st of march.

Tell us something about what inspired to for the songs on the album!
I was inspired early on by imagery of the vast wilderness in the Pacific Northwest of The United States.  I wondered what the dense, lush forests, flowing rivers, and vast mountains would sound like musically.  And so, I composed 10 pieces to reflect what I felt that would sound like.  A soundtrack for exploring the wilderness.  

Tell us something about your track Along the forest floor!
When writing this track, I specifically imagined walking through a dense, misty, and overgrown forest.  I wanted to capture the peacefulness and calm of that and the feeling of the cool mist in the air and the soft moss underneath my feet.  I started off by writing the piano part which is the driving force in the piece.  I spent a lot of time crafting the melody so that it flowed well and didn’t become too repetitive.  After that, I felt that slowly evolving string textures layered underneath the piano part would give the track the sense of space that it needed and would help transport the listener into the place and the feeling I imagined when composing it.  I wanted to the end the piece on a bit of a mysterious note to underscore the idea of the vast wilderness and not entirely knowing what’s out there.  So, the piece undergoes a transition near the end where the piano drops out and delicate string textures come to the forefront of the piece ending in a subtle crescendo.

Thank you for sharing this enchanting pice of music with us Philip!

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