Spotted: Philipp Hasse – Quiet

Today I’m presenting you with the track Quiet by the German composer and piano player Philipp Hasse, based in the capitol of Berlin. Philipp is originally a drummer in different bands by also releases solo piano music under his own name. He started composing and recording his solo piano pieces about three years ago.

The track Quiet was released as a single on the 11th of February, but will also be part of an EP.

Tell us something about your track Quiet!
The song „Quiet“ is named after a book by the author Susan Cain, which helped me to understand myself and the people around me way better. Through my whole life I had doubts about myself and my introverted personality. I thought that I have to be different to be successful in what I am doing. With time and also the help of Susans book I learned how many strengths I have especially because I am an introverted person.

Thank you very much for this Philipp!

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