Spotted: Pierre Oberkampf – Ostinato IX – piano solo

Today I’m introducing you to French composer and multi-instrumentalist Pierre Oberkampf, living in Paris. His main instrument is the piano, which he studies from the age of 6.

I have always had a lot of trouble reading music. I learned all the scores by heart, with the help of my mother and my two grandmothers. My difficulty in reading music paradoxically encouraged me to compose music from childhood.

The track Ostinato IX – piano solo is the last track of the album OSTINATI, released December 6th 2019.

Tell us something about your track Ostinato IX – piano solo!
Ostinato IX – piano solo is the last track of my album “Ostinati”. After 10 compositions which brought together many instruments (winds, strings, percussions…), I wanted to finish the album with something very simple and minimalist. In fact, I first recorded the orchestral version of Ostinato IX (which is also on the album), then I realized that by keeping only the piano track, my composition had a different, deeper color. In conclusion, I would say that sometimes, less is more !

Thank you so much for sending me this Pierre!

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