Spotted: Pietra – Beautiful remains

Spotted: Pietra – Beautiful remains

It’s not uncommon that I get in touch with people who makes music for a living. Nothing strange there. Most of the time they make music for moving picture in some way (commercials, movies and stuff like that), or maybe writes orchestral arrangements for famous artists willing to pay for it. Today, however, I’m introducing you to Pietra, or Andreas Stone Johansson. One of Swedens most well renovated hit songwriters. If you live in Europe, or is a big fan of Eurovision song contest, you might have heard this song which Andreas is one of the songwriters behind.

Anders grew up in Arlöv, just outside Malmö and now lives in Malmö where he runs the studio Hydra studio together with a few other people. He makes music full time, and his music has sold more than 23 millon physical copies world wide. When he has time off he makes piano music using the name Pietra (which means Stone in Italian).

The song Beautiful Remains was actually written back in 2005, but was just released simultaneously with six other songs (all as singles). He has been collecting songs since then, and now it was time for them to see the light and meet the audience.

Tell us something about your track Beautiful remains!
Beautiful Remains has a story to tell. Like so many other songs it is about a person special to me. People come and go into our lives and some if it’s a really special person it sometimes happens that they leave us  earlier than we wanted. It could be someone passing away or in this case someone I used to love. After the hurt has gone and we’ve learnt to move on, I wish to think that we remember those people like beautiful  remains.  Bitter-sweet memories. They leave so many memories, love, scars and they stay in our minds, less and less each passing day like beautiful remains. 

I guess you could say that the theme of all of the songs is that they are somewhat like a diary. Reminiscing about people I’ve known, miss, think about. Or places I’ve visited and miss. Or just a ventilation for feelings I had on that specific day a music piece was written.  What comes from the heart touches the heart. That has always been a motto I’ve tried to live up to. 

Thank you for sharing this tune with us Andreas! And thanks for all your other music as well; and of course for the opportunity to talk to one of the great songwriters of our time!

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