Spotted: Piotr Wiese – Somewhere Behind

Spotted: Piotr Wiese – Somewhere Behind

Today I’m introducing you to Polish composer, pianist and producer Piotr Wiese. Piotr have played the piano since the age of 8 and started composing music when he was about 14.

At that time I inherited an old piano that my grandmother used to play. I never meet her though, as she passed away a long time before my birth. Anyway, the great and noble sound of the instrument enabled me to compose piano miniatures in a style similar to old masters such as Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, and beloved Chopin.  Later on, I developed my own, subtle piano style deeply connected with modern way of piano playing with the use of felt between the strings and hammers.

The track Somewhere Behind was released as a single in January of 2020.

Tell us something about your track Somewhere Behind!
Once I discovered a very specific piano sound, produced by putting a felt between the strings and hammers, I immediately fell in love with its ethereal quality. This fascination and love for my old Petrof upright piano that I have in my home studio, inspired me to record this piece. I tried to give the music some of its deep, intimate, and noble character. 

Thank you for sharing your track with us Piotr!

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