Spotted: Pitch Accurate – Luminosity

Spotted: Pitch Accurate – Luminosity

Today I’m introducing you to the composer Markus Lootsman and the project Pitch Accurate and the track Luminosity. Markus started writing music when he was only 8 years old:

or rather, preferred to play what came to mind rather that listening to my teacher

Markus worked on the financial market up until a couple of years ago when he finally decided to focus all his working hours into making music.

The track Luminosity was released as a single early march of 2020.

Tell us something about your track Luminosity!
The broad outline of this composition was originally written on my daughters toy keyboard and seemed to work well as a lullaby for her. I always had a sense of something haunting or mildly bizarre, something like an odd circus or similar in mind when writing the main elements of the track. After initial ambitious plans for the arrangement I settled for the most simple piano arrangement to allow the melody and the sound of the piano to speak for itself. 

Thank you Markus!

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