Spotted: Riccardo Roveda – Polvere

Spotted: Riccardo Roveda – Polvere

Today I’m introducing you to the Italian composer and pianist Riccardo Roveda and his track Polvere. Riccardo lives in Milano and has taken lessons from the famous pianist Roberto Cacciapaglia. He has also taken lessons in electronic music production.

This track is on of the tracks from Riccardos solo piano EP A piano guy in a fast world which was released late 2018.

Tell us something about your track Polvere!
The track Polvere is inspired of a Stefano Benni ‘s sentence in one of his books: ‘Within a ray of sunlight that enters the window, we sometimes see life in the air. And we call it dust.’ 

It’s a tribute to every memories every love that have leave a vail of dust in our life.

Thank you for the wonder music Riccardo!

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