Spotted: Richard LaBrooy – Flicker

Spotted: Richard LaBrooy – Flicker

Today I’m gonna introduce you to one of my biggest fans! Eh, well. Not really. But Richard have been sending me songs for a couple of months, and I always enjoy hearing them! A couple of them have been featured on my Sleepy songs by others playlist (but since I’m trying to keep it to one submission per artist there might be only one of them on there now). When he sent me Flicker it was no doubt I wanted to feature it here.

Short introduction! Richard LaBrooy is from the land down under, Melbourne to be more specific!

I’m simply trying to push some of the boundaries of the current neoclassical language.

Tell us something about your track Flicker!
Flicker revolved around the idea of static memory. I wanted to try and find harmonies and melodic fragments that evoked a sense of lonely optimism. I went through a barrage of ideas, finally landing on what I have now. There was something about those chords that felt distant, yet bittersweet. I eventually decided to augment it with chamber orchestra, which always helps to push the emotion. I’m not sure if it translated how I intended, but it was definitely fun to write and sat very close with me. I don’t really believe that an artist’s original intentions should matter in the end. I think that once a piece of music is heard by someone — from that moment on, it belongs to them. It’s theirs. It means whatever they want it to mean.

Will Flicker be featured on an album or EP soon?
This is a single, so it’s a stand-alone release. However, there is are a line up of tracks coming over the next few months all under a very similar theme. They’re the first string of releases that I’m actively releasing, so it’s an incredibly vulnerable and exciting time. If only a few people get a chance to listen to them and see something in them worth listening to again, I’d be happy.

Well. I’m listening! Thank you for sharing this wonderful track with us Richard!

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