Spotted: Robert Piano – Lidia

Spotted: Robert Piano – Lidia

Today I’m introducing you to the German piano player and composer Robert Wagner and his track Lidia. Robert grew up playing th accordion and started with playing the piano a few years later. For over ten years he played classical music and jazz.

Improvisation was always a part of my musical activities, so one day I improvised some melodies that weren’t exeptionally Jazz and I recorded them. This was the beginning of Roberto Piano. I now really like to compose in this new style that some people call neoclassical.

The track Lidia was released as a single on the 8th of September, 2023.

Tell us something about your track Lidia!
‘Lidia’ tries to capture feelings around a woman and her way through a time with difficulties. With the different parts of the song I try to express the emotions, ups and downs in everyday life of this woman.

Thank you for this Robert!