Spotted: Ryan Stewart – Eyes closed

Spotted: Ryan Stewart – Eyes closed

Today I’m introducing you to American composer and performer Ryan Steward, born in Salt Lake City but now located in France, since 2,5 years ago. Up until this date Ryan has released four albums and is now working on his fifth which will be called Celtic Spell. The album will come out in October, and until then Ryan is releasing a single every month up until then.

The album will have a Celtic theme, hence it’s name.

Tell us something about Eyes closed!
When my wife and I were young and dating, we had to be creative with our dates. We met when we were 19 years old and neither one of us had any money. We didn’t even see a movie or go to a restaurant for the first four months of our relationship.

You know, like the typical dinner and a movie date?

Nope, not us, we just spent time together.

She listened to me play the piano for hours and we philosophized about the meaning of life. She lived on campus and we both worked there too. I spent almost every waking hour on the university grounds to be with her, to work, and to go to classes. One of our favorite pastimes was to have one of us close our eyes while the other person guided the first around campus. We would take long walks, about 10 minutes or more, which allowed for some distance from our starting point. We would guide the other person around bushes, step up onto rocks, duck under trees, etc in an attempt to confuse them and also to build trust that they wouldn’t fall or get hurt, even when walking through “rough” terrain. When we were finished with the walk, the person with their eyes closed had to guess where they were. Sometimes, to our amazement, we would guess correctly. It was a simple time in our lives and one we both look back upon very fondly. When I sat down to write music for my upcoming album and ultimately this song, the memories of this time enveloped me.

When you listen to this song, recall a time or moment in your life that you deeply cherish and listen to it with your Eyes Closed. 

Thank you Ryan for this amazing piece of music! Eyes closed everyone!

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