Spotted: Ryan Whyman – Nocturne

Spotted: Ryan Whyman – Nocturne

Today I’m introducing you to American composer Ryan Whyman from Los Angeles, California. Ryan released his debut album in 2019, and this song is taken from it. The theme of the album is nostalgia, anticipation, and fantasy; which is kind of obvious since the title of the album is Fantasies & Memories.

My influences combine my classical piano background with jazz, world folk music, and film music to create genre-bending neoclassical music. I write music to bring beauty and restoration into the world. 

Tell us something about your track Nocturne!
I prefer allow the listener to reach their own interpretation as to the meaning of the song, so I’d rather not delve into what it means to me. The word “Nocturne,” generally describes a piece of music inspired by, or evocative of, the night. Most of the music I’ve written over the last few years has been relatively complex, written for large ensembles with intricate counterpoint, and complex textures and harmonies. This piece breaks away from all that, with a simple melody, and only two instruments. The recording process was a lot of fun; to achieve the final piano sound we taped paper towels to the strings of an upright piano, giving it a mellow, somewhat percussive sound, and then put 6 mics all around the piano. 

Thank you for the music Ryan!

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