Spotted: Sacha Hoedemaker –  Better Days (Piano Version)

Spotted: Sacha Hoedemaker – Better Days (Piano Version)

Today I’m presenting you with the track Better Days by the Dutch composer Sacha Hoedemaker. Sacha works at a local theater in Amsterdam and is specialized on improvising music for theater. In 2020 he started recording his own music and has been releasing one track each month since then.

The track Better days was released as a single on the 30th of December, 2020 but will also be part of an album in the future.

Tell us something about your track Better days!
It was time for me to write a track and I had a strong nostalgic feeling. With that in mind the term Better Days came to mind and I started dreaming about the Better Days of the past. Especially now more than ever, we are all longing for the ‘better days’. We long for better days from the past and those yet to come. Our rising from the pandemic into a society that’s more connected mentally starts soon. Saying hello to strangers, or a hug from a dear friend. Until that time, we can think about how we can shape the future. Create Better Days together. This track has both a piano version, as well as an orchestrated version.

Thank you very much for this Sacha!

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