Spotted: Sacha Hoedemaker –  In The Air

Spotted: Sacha Hoedemaker – In The Air

​Today I’m introducing you to the track In the air by the Dutch composer and piano player Sacha Hoedemaker. Sacha started playing the piano at a young age and has mainly focused on improvising music for theater. He also works as the musical director at a local theater in Amsterdam!

Since this year, I strongly felt the desire to record my own music and start building a portfolio of pieces that were my very own. A legacy, if you will.

The track In the air was released as a single but will eventually be part of an album. The single was released on the 1st of December, 2020.

Tell us something about your track In The Air!
In The Air was born from one of the improvised sessions. The suggestion  I’d gotten was the word ‘Rainbow’. I started thinking about the spectrum of colors, moods and the literal up and down movement of a rainbow. Interestingly enough, I enjoyed playing that piece so much that it stuck with me. The D-dorian scale combined with a playful melody was very interesting to me. It feels grounded, yet still very open and free. One day, I just sat down and started playing the melody. I recognized that I was playing the Dorian scale again, closed my eyes and immediately started the recording session. When I opened my eyes, it was as if I had been floating ‘In The Air’. The name came just as natural as the piece itself. 

Thank you very much for this Sacha!

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