Spotted: Samer Fanek – Guardian

Spotted: Samer Fanek – Guardian

Let me introduce the latest release by Samer Fanek; born in Amman, Jordan and now located in the United States. He is a self-taught composer and pianist who creates instrumental music that is dramatic and emotional, primarily driven by the piano. One of his dreams is to eventually perform his compositions in big theaters worldwide alongside a band and an orchestra.

Tell us something about this latest release of yours!
A few weeks ago (December 11th), I released by second album, “Guide Me”, over two years after my debut album. Guide Me is also the name of the first track I composed for this album, so I thought why not name the whole album after it? Eventually, when I finished composing all the songs, I realized that if I order them in a certain way, the album really starts to tell a nice narrative, guiding the listener with a “Grand Opening” and ending with “Back to Hometown” and allowing them to fill in their own blanks of the story being told. The overall theme of the album sort of revealed itself after I composed all the tracks and moved them around in a certain way.

Tell us something about one of the tracks! Is there a story behind it?
For the song, “Guardian”, as I was creating it, I felt it was conveying more and more a sense of security and being watched over by someone or something that will make sure everything is going going to be okay, so I felt the name was a perfect fit. It is a happy tune that relaxes me when I play it back on the piano, and if it has the same calming effect on the listeners, then I consider it a success. The way I composed it is similar to how I mostly create all my music. I usually get a 10-second or so idea, then I rush to my home studio to record it and add more ideas around it until it becomes a full piece around that main theme, and the name usually comes naturally at the end.

Lovely tune, and thank you for sharing with us Samer!

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