Spotted: Selsom and Walker Combe – Jøkul

Spotted: Selsom and Walker Combe – Jøkul

Today I’m introducing you to the track Jøkul by the two artists Selsom and Walker Combe. Selsom comes from Norway and has played the piano since the age of six. Later he went on to study music production which brought him to the UK. Walter Combe has played the Cello since he was five years old. He gave up music in his early 20s but came back about nine years ago.

The track Jøkul was released as a single on the 26th of June, 2020.

Tell us something about what your plans going forward with your releases!
For Selsom this is part of a yearly project where I compose, produce and release one track a month for a year. This year’s concept is based on the fact that Norway has 100 words related to snow. I will choose 12 of my favourite words. After the 12th release, the plan is to collate them into an album called SNØ meaning snow in Norwegian. It will most likely be released a year from when the concept started in the end of February.

Tell us something about the track Jøkul!

When I started this year long concept album, I really wanted to do it on a real piano. I had saved up for an upright for over a year, and then COVID hit! So I released the 3 first tracks performed on a Nord Stage keyboard, where I recorded the stereo output, but placed a stereo pair of microphones above it to pick up the actual ambiance. 3 months into the pandemic I finally managed to get hold of a beautiful Yamaha U1! As soon as I composed this track, I knew I had to involve Simon. The track was screaming for a cello, and Simon is a fantastic cellist as well as a brilliant recording engineer. Basically, win! After getting the track back from Simon, I had a little moment where I almost cried out of excitement. When picking a snow related name for the track, it had to mirror the atmospheric vastness of the track as well as the slow melancholic pace. Jøkul is one of my favourite snow words. It is an arm or one strand of a glacier, which perfectly fits in with the fact that it’s a collaboration, like a little offshoot from the larger project.

Walker Combe:
When I got the piano track from Stian there was so much space to explore it. I just sat with it and started hearing these notes with overtones… I explored those and then this beautiful melody hit me in the middle of the piece and I loved it straight away and tracked it immediately without editing. I was recording during the heatwave in May and I had to track it late at night as the birds were making so much noise during the day it was impossible to get a clean take.

Thank you very much for this lovely track!

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