Spotted: Serenity Falls – 12:54 AM

Today Iä’m introducing you to the piano player and composer Paul Dal Broi from Canberra, Australia and the track 12:54 AM. The piano project Serenity Falls was created to explore the different sounds and moods created through the piano. Paul has studied jazz piano and played jazz music for over 30 years and started this project after hearing the music by Nils Frahm and Joep Beving.

The track was released on the EP After Midnight which came out on the 26th of august, 2021.

Tell us something about your track 12:54 AM!
My recent EP “ After Midnight” has three improvisations that explore the stillness and space of that quiet hour. It is a wonderful time to sit, reflect and create. I challenged myself to improvise some themes and give myself up to 20 min to refine then record each one. The title of each track reflects the time each track was recorded. 12:07 AM, 12:33 AM and 12:54 AM.What I found interesting about this process was being mindful of the past, present and future. I was creating something in the moment while reflecting on thoughts, places, people in the past, knowing that this would be listened to by someone in the future.This was also a reason for naming the tracks the way I did. As a timestamp you could say, with each track being part of my own personal story.

Thank you very much for sharing this with us Paul!

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