Spotted: Simeon Walker – Gleam

Spotted: Simeon Walker – Gleam

Today I’m introducing you to the British composer and piano player Simeon Walker and his track Leeds. Simeon lives in Leeds and started playing the piano at the age of seven. Music has always been the thing that has made the most sense to him and music is now how he makes a living.

The track Gleam was released as a singe on the 7th of September, 2021 but will also be part of the upcoming EP Imprints.

Tell us something about your track Gleam!
I record my piano music on the upright piano in my living room. It’s the piano that was at my parents house when I was growing up and learning to play, so I have spent goodness knows how many hours playing this instrument. I love it’s recorded sound, and I do feel a sense of connection and even companionship with it. It’s almost like it knows what I want it to do!

The track itself is in many ways a reflection of myself and my character. It has an overall feeling of melancholy and introspection, captured as it is on just a solo piano; but with enough movement, growth and development to hint at a touch of hopefulness as well. There’s a big window next to my piano, through which the sun shines, creating a lightness and calmness in the room when I play and record. Living in the north of the UK, it isn’t always sunny! But, from time to time, it creates a ‘gleam’ in the room through the clouds. A good metaphor for the dichotomy of melancholy and hopefulness in my music.

Thank you for this Simeon!