Spotted: Simon Berggren – Ephemeralda’s Hopes

Spotted: Simon Berggren – Ephemeralda’s Hopes

Today I’m presenting you with the track Ephemeralda’s Hopes by the Swedish composer and piano player Simon Berggren, based in Stockholm. Simos has always payed the piano in many different setting, mainly jazz.

The track Ephemeralda’s Hopes was released as part of the EP Ephemeralda: Chapter II which came out on the 6th of April, 2022.

Tell us something about your track Ephemeralda’s Hopes!
Ephemeralda is a story about love, but also about loss… To me, the Character Ephemeralda represents the always present volatility in relations, and in life in general. She is myself, and the beautiful people I’ve known, but she also represent the loss of beloved ones, and the darkness inside of us.

The Ephemeralda music was written during a immensely creative period, late 2021 – I came up with a lot of musical ideas, and have been busy refining, practicing and recording since then. The inspiration was triggered by a series of important events and decisions in my life, but also by methodically working on crafting my music – “dedication feeds inspiration”. Ephemeralda’s Hopes gives me hope and peace of mind – the flow and the somehow fuzzy separation of melody and harmonies gives it a suggestive feeling and a calmness. 

Thank Simon!