Spotted: Sion Trefor – Engleby / Nightdriver

Spotted: Sion Trefor – Engleby / Nightdriver

Today I’ introducing you to the track Engleby / Nightdriver by British composer Sion Trefor living in Cardiff, Wales. Sion has been touring Europe since he was twelve years old; from classical solo piano concerts to electro clubs. Recently he has settled into a life of blissfully reclusive composition and production. 

The track Engleby / Nightdriver is released as a single but us also featured in the EP Fallout, which came out late January of 2020.

Tell us something about your track Engleby / Nightdriver!
The track Engleby / Nightdriver is released as a single, but The track itself is rooted in my experiences with insomnia – not cool David Fincher insomnia – but a chronic insomnia I’ve wrestled with since I was a kid. As soon as I was old enough to be behind the wheel often I’d cope by heading out into the night and driving for hours on end, usually until sunrise, with reams of manuscript and cigarette papers shuffling around in the passenger seat. So on one level it’s a love song to insomniacs, on another it’s a piece that expresses how my creativity and sleeplessness are inextricably linked. 

In terms of how it was composed – I’ll write a piece in my mind first (usually away from the studio), then once I’m in and at the piano I’ll run with it for a few takes until I land on something that feels most honest. Same applies for the string work – I’m a fan of leaving strings sounding a bit restless and raw, so the recording process is usually pretty swift if I’m in the right frame of mind; I’ll take a rougher take that’s true to how I feel over a blander, but technically polished rendition any day. 

Thank you Sion for sharing this with us!

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