Spotted: Stéphane Horeczko – Little Things

Spotted: Stéphane Horeczko – Little Things

Today I’m introducing you to French composer Stéphane Horeczko born in Paris and currently living a bit outside the capital. He released his first piano album in 2009 (called G. 1888) which was a tribute to the composer Erik Satie.

I tried to combine many of my musical influences, mingling a touch of jazz with extended classical harmonies.

This latest release is not as “classical” as the debut, but rather ambient with both drums, and is that even an electric guitar I can hear?

Tell us something about your song Little things!
This piano music is very recent because I composed and produced it in February/March 2019. The idea was to create a cinematic piano track with an introspective side and a repetitive pattern from beginning to end but with an harmonic opening for give it a little more relief. I still wanted to keep a nostalgic and minimalist aspect that characterizes my musical creations. I sat at my keyboard and improvised an harmonic basis based on 3 chords on 4 bars, then I thought about an extended variation on an 8 bars lenght in contrast with the reflective side. I resampled what I had just played inside Cubase Sampler Track, then I kept a 3 note pattern in the introduction that leads to full piano arpeggios after the introduction. The piano melodic theme played in a guitar amp-like effect comes a little further in the song with fairly distant, and faster equalized piano chord inserts, which fit like an echo referring to distant memories that resurface suddenly. This gives a contrast with the piano arpeggios more anchored in the present moment. In the background, the high pitched evolving pads and rhythmic loops in movement give a catchy and appeasing effect to the piece. I finished the music with the return of distant piano elements and the piece ends with a concluding final arpeggio. My musical work has always been based on memory, in contrast with the present moment. We are what we are today only by the memory of those who have gone before us. We are tracing the way to those who will follow us, that is my message. it may seem a bit simple, but we are all a drop in an ocean. ‘Little Things’ was included in the Soundcloud ‘Piano Day 2019’ Playlist by talented German pianist and composer Nils Frahm. It will be included in an EP or album I am currently working on.

Thank you for sharing this with us!

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