Spotted: Stephen Caulfield – Make the Call

Spotted: Stephen Caulfield – Make the Call

Today I’m introducing you to Brittisk composer Stephen Caulfield from Reading. Stephen has been making music for as long as he remembers and started out using the sequencer on an Atari ST computer at his school. Since then, over the years he has released several albums, soundtracks and EPs of original music.

The track Make the call is part of the album To the lighthouse which was released early November of 2019.

The album is a very personal collection of music that was inspired by the stunning Icelandic scenery combined with a number of emotional narratives and journeys that I wanted to tell through music without using any words or lyrics. The music is evocative of places, emotions and moments in time, both fictional and real-life and the album journeys from the darkest part of the night through to daylight, with golden sunlight bursting through the clouds to light and warm the landscape once again.

Tell us something about your track Make the call!
Make the Call is a song that was inspired by dealing with feelings of calm and tranquility mixed with growing feelings of impending unease. The gentle piano arpeggios are interrupted by the increasingly urgent descending bass part until it takes over the whole melody and brings the track to a conclusion. The video to the song was filmed in the remote village of Djúpavík in the Westfjords in the North West of Iceland. It was a long drive for many hours up a dead end road to get to Djúpavík, but it was well worth it. It’s a remote and desolate location, but the people there were so warm and welcoming. I can’t wait to go back there again someday.

Thank you Stephen!

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