Spotted: The Weightless – Portrait of you

Spotted: The Weightless – Portrait of you

A couple of weeks ago I introduced you all to The Weightless and his song Rain. Yesterday was a very special day, since the follow up single was released!

Short introduction for new readers then: The Weightless, or Kasper as his name is, is a Swedish composer, pianist and drummer from Stockholm. The Weightless is his first project going solo with piano music, and Portrait of you is his second single.

Tell us something about portrait of you!
I wrote and recorded the song in December 2018 during the darkest and coldest days here in Sweden, the sun goes down at 3 pm and people are almost not outdoors. Then you have to portray, for example, friends and loved ones who you do not meet so much this season. The song is a tribute to these people.

Thank you again for sharing with us Kasper!

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