Spotted: Thomas Jackson – Mother’s Piano

Spotted: Thomas Jackson – Mother’s Piano

Today I’m presenting you with the Swedish composer and piano player Thomas Jackson, based in the north of Sweden. Thomas has made music since an early age and works as a full time musician. When he’s not directing movies he makes music and sometimes soundtrack for movies.

The track Mother’s Piano was released as a single on the 10th of august, 2023 but will also be part of an album in 2024.

Tell us something about your track Mother’s piano!
This tune grew out of an improvisation at the piano, and I realized that somehow it sounded like the sense I have for my mother. A feeling of immense warmth and the melancholy of time passing. 

Musically I guess it falls down somewhere between a Scandinavian folk song and a Ryuichi Sakamoto tune. It is released on the 10th of August: my mother’s birthday. 

Thanks for sharing this with us Thomas!