Spotted: Thomas James White – Blodyn

Today I’m introducing you to the British composer and and piano player Thomas James White and his song Blodyn. Thomas was born in Gloucestershire ands studied music throughout school and college. He spent many of his young years improvising on his family’s piano.

The track Blodyn was released as a single on the 30th of July, 2021.

Tell us something about your track Blodyn!
Blodyn was written late at night and recorded live. An intimate, refrained piano composition about the beauty and the heartbreak of change. Seasons change and with them our surrounding landscapes. This was the inspiration behind the title, ‘Blodyn’ – Welsh for ‘Flower’. A metaphor for the seasons of our lives and how we cannot stop time changing us, and how devastating that can be.

Thanks for this Thomas!

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