Spotted: Tiffany Hobson – Wonder

Today I’m introducing you to another track by the American composer and piano player Tiffany Hobson and her track Wonder. Tiffany just started sharing her piano music with the rest of the world a year ago, and you can read everything about Tiffany in this Behind the piano post!

The track Wonder was released as a single ont the 9th of april, 2021.

I’m Tiffany Hobson, an American pianist and composer living in Montana. I’ve been sharing my solo piano music for just over a year now and I love sharing emotional pieces that tell a story. My music comes from my heart and I hope it moves others in a positive way. 
‘Wonder’ started as a simple melody I heard in my head and grew from there in just a few days. I’m always in awe when songs come together so quickly! It’s songs like these that make composing music so rewarding.

Thank you very much for this Tiffany!

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