Spotted: Umeå Bodø – Lonesome Kingfisher

Spotted: Umeå Bodø – Lonesome Kingfisher

Today I’m introducing you to Umeå Bodø and the track Lonesome Kingfisher.

To me, it is not important who is writing the songs, as long as I and other listeners are touched by them, and as long as melodies soothe our souls.

So thats the introduction you’ll get to the composer!

Tell us something about your track Lonesome Kingfisher!
I chose the project name Umeå Bodø because of the beauty of the Nordic countries, which inspires me endlessly. I wrote most of the Umeå Bodø songs a few years ago, but now I invested some time and money to record and release them. When writing Lonesome Kingfisher, in my mind I was flying over the sea, waking up to the beauty of the fjords, seeing the sun come up. That’s all there is to it.

Thank you for sharing this track with us!

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