Spotted: Vivian Roost – Étoiles Filantes

Spotted: Vivian Roost – Étoiles Filantes

Today I’m presenting you with the rack The Momory of Time bu the Swiss composer and piano player Vivian Roost currently based in Paris, France.

The track was released on the EP The Memory of Time today (19th of November, 2021).

Tell us something about your track Étoiles Filantes!
Étoiles Filantes soundtracks those moments that happen in real time and disappear before our eyes. The song’s title literally translates as ‘shooting stars’; a gift for the eyes and something precious that you have to be ready to admire, such as life.

As a composer I am always obsessed with time (laughs). I record in my own studio, and my living room turns into a nice recording ‘mess’, with cables and mics everywhere. As a sound engineer too, I am passionate about the sounds and the whole recording process.

For this project, the process was something very unpredictable. I sat in front of my Pleyel piano, a very old one from 1909, and let my inspiration flow. 

Thank you very much for this Vivian!