Spotted: Voga – Matted

Spotted: Voga – Matted

Today I’m introducing you to Canadian piano player and composer Owen Vaga, based in Toronto. He has been studying classical piano since a very young age and got into production and composing when he was taking classes in recording/sound design.

Matted is released as a single to celebrate Piano day (29th of march, the 88th day of the year). Later this years he has plans for both an EP and an album!

Tell us something about your song Matted!
Matted, along with many of my tracks, is an exploration of introversion, thoughts, sentiment and texture. It was recorded at Revolution Recording on a late 19th century upright piano, with all the creaks and character noises preserved. The microphones were placed at close proximity to the piano and performer, allowing the listener an intimate view into every key press, release, and pedal change – sounds not apparent during a live performance.  My writing process involves creating a melody or texture I enjoy, and then improvising around that idea on the recording day. This process helps me to get out of my head writing and enjoy the music that I’m making.
The title Matted is two-fold, evoking the matting of a frame, as well as the roughness or tangled meaning of the word. Something meaningful, but not fanciful.

Thank you Owen for this wonderful piece of music. Looking forward to hear both the EP and the album!

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