Spotted: We Dream of Eden – Into Your Hands

Spotted: We Dream of Eden – Into Your Hands

Today I’m introducing you to the track Into Your Hands by the American composer Kirk Smith. Kirk releases music using the name We Dream of Eden, which you can read all about in this Behind the piano article.

The track is the title track from the EP with the same name which was released early June of 2020.

Tell us something about your track Into Your Hands!
The idea behind is leaving a world of chaos and entering a place of peace. 
I wrote most of these tunes while the quarantine was happening. I have three little boys and work from home. So a world of chaos is pretty much the normal state of things! The artwork was a fingerpainting drawing from my 3 year old and it always looked like a little man floating up to a big person on a throne. The picture was on the wall where we have breakfast so I guess that image was always floating around in my mind while writing these pieces. But the concept didn’t fully materialize till the end of the project, when I finally got the artwork into its present form.  
I’ve always wanted my music to create little moments of serenity and release. I hope it can help people slow down for a moment and leave the realm of chaos and enter peace. 

Thank your for the music Kirk!

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