Spotted: We Dream Of Eden – Walk on Water

Spotted: We Dream Of Eden – Walk on Water

Today I’m introducing you to American composer Kirk Smith, who makes music using the name We dream of Eden. Kirs is from Massachusetts but has lived in Memphis for the past 30 years. He has played the piano for as long as he can remember; it’s been on an off for his entire life.

My grandfather played the piano and it always mesmerized me… so I guess thats where it started.

The track Walk on water is released as a singles but will also be featured on an upcoming Ep/album.

Tell us something about your track Walk on water!
The track started as experiment to use water and boat sounds for a more ambient piece. I was listening to a lot of Jonsi & Alex at the time. I love playing with the textures and dynamics of music. I have a beautiful sampled felt piano that I regularly use for these types of pieces.. it has such a delicate sound but its also very full and intimate… I just love to play it. Once I have a sound texture and a musical theme, a story seems to emerge and the piece takes shape. Sometimes I see stories while I write. This time I started to think about the Biblical story of Peter getting out of the boat to walk on water… hence the titles name. 

Thank you for sharing this piece of music with us Kirk!

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