Spotted: Wesleezy – Waves

Spotted: Wesleezy – Waves

Today I’m introducing you to Wesly Tan, a classical trained pianist which makes (piano) music using the name Wesleezy. Wesly comes from Hacienda Hights which is a suburb of Los Angeles, California.

The song Waves is taken from the album Hybrid Behavior which was released the 31st of march 2019. Half of the album is piano solo songs which would be classified as neoclassical, while the other half of the album is jazz with full instrumentation.

Tell us something about your track Waves!
Waves was actually the last song that I completely finished when I was writing my album. I initially wrote most of the piece within the last year and a half, but I didn’t feel like it was truly finished. I kept putting it off until I finally approached it at the end when it felt right. A lot of the journey as an artist is trying to find different ways to be inspired and waiting for the perfect time, place, and wavelength so that what we are creating feels right. About a week before I finished the album, I finally got the inspiration and it was so easy to finish. In a lot of ways, it is representative of my journey as a musician, with all of it’s ups and downs. Something you’ll notice about my music is that I write things that are very melodic and easy to listen to. They are usually hopeful and thoughtful, with an undertone of sadness and bittersweet. This is how I feel about my music and art in general. I am a very happy and positive person, and my music tends to reflect that. But when I am looking for inspiration for my work, I tend to go into some deep and dark places in my mind and soul. And it is when I emerge from the other side, I feel that I write my best work.

Thank you for sharing this song with us Wesly!

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