Spotted: Wide Waters – Tundra

Spotted: Wide Waters – Tundra

Today I’m introducing you to the instrumental two man band Wide Waters from Westchester, New York. The band consists of the members Justin Krass and Sam Stauss who are also members of the post-rock band, Wess Meets West.

Sam and I began this project a little over a year ago and we have both been playing/writing music for a number of years now. Justin plays piano in the band and Sam plays guitar.

The track “Tides” is part of a the EP A Cabin In The Woods, Pt.1 which was release in februari of 2020.

Tell us something about your track Tundra!
All of these songs for the new EP were actually written in a cabin in upstate NY hence the album title. Justin originally composed “Tides” as a solo piano piece but later Sam added some ambient guitar and it turned into the song it is today. These songs were meant to have the listener go on journey of self-exploration which we hope comes across because that is what we experienced writing them it was very meditative.

Thank you Sam and Justin for sending me this!

For more information about Wide Waters, check out these links:
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