Spotted: Xeuphoria – Self reflection

Spotted: Xeuphoria – Self reflection

Today I’m presenting you with the track Self reflection by the project Xeuphoria. I’ll let Xeuphoria explain what this is about:

Xeuphoria is an anime concept project that focuses on relaxing solo piano music, with an ardent community of listeners. The project focuses around the main character called ‘Xeu’ (the girl in the blue hoodie). Through the music that is released, Xeu’s story continuously evolves, with new themes, stories, and sounds. 

The track Self Reflection was released as a single on the 25th of may, but will also be part of an upcoming album.

Tell us something about your track Self reflection!
The pieces are played softly on delicate, characteristic upright pianos, carefully accented with tape and field noise, the noise of the sustain pedal and the hammers hitting the strings of the piano. Throughout the album are embellishments of tape glitches that are rhythmically uncoordinated, the piano occasionally being run through a granular synth to create its own digital accompaniment. The elements of nostalgic, emotional piano that sounds like you’re hearing it played personally for you, in combination with the synth glitches and ambience creates a kind of ‘sonic yin-yang’.

‘self reflection’ is the third track from ‘digital botany’. The piano part is actually played entirely in 5ths, giving it that spacious harmonic wall, with soaring vocals and pads in the background. 

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