Spotted: Yes It’s Ananias – The Third Era

Today I’m presenting you with the track The Third Era by the Swiss composer and piano player Nicolas Streichenberg and his project Yes It’s Ananias. Music came to Nicolas at a very young age always surrounded by a Steinway upright at his grandparents house where he spent his first couple of years. When he started school he also started taking piano lessons, which didn’t last song since; “the piano teacher was shit” and “I didn’t like playing sheet music so I was forced to improvise and write that down as I still was a child and young teenager”.

The track The Third Era was released as a single on the 29th of October, 2021 and will also be part of an album later this year.

Tell us something about your track The Third Era!
The song was composed through 100% improvisation. Several takes were given on the 1941 (!!!) Steinway & Sons Grand Piano M170 in the whereabouts of Zurich, Switzerland.I wouldn’t say there was a story behind it at first, but I collaborated with my partner who was on a holiday trip with me in Spain and we made a “One Take Piano Western Movie”. We wanted to build a bridge between Chamber Music and dirty Western Movies from the 70’s and 60’s. The song now tells much more than I thought. It’s also a last minute decision to put it out in advance of the full-work. My manager is a progressive-release god and picked it well. I would have never thought about that track and now I think we got a shiney piece of piano-music there.

Thank you vert much for this Nicolas!

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