Spotted: Yoomi J. Kim – Unconditional Friend

Today I’m introducing you to classical pianist, conductor and composer Yoomi J. Kim from Canada and her song Unconditional Friend.

I ended up accumulating too many degrees (a doctorate in Piano Performance, two master’s in Piano and Conducting, and a cognate degree in Composition) and I hope all my training will be used to bring joy and peace to others around me through music.

Tell us something about your track Unconditional Friend!
I dedicated this piece (Unconditional Friend – single track) to my parents who have shown me a glimpse of God’s unconditional love here on earth. They are not perfect (as no one is perfect), but they have exemplified through their life how to cry out to God in times of trouble and how to celebrate His goodness in times of joy. Life is not easy, but I have an unconditional Friend who pours out His Love constantly regardless of my shortcomings.

Here is the Youtube version where I used my husband’s landscape photos of where we live, Victoria, BC, Canada. Near the beginning, it has a lighthouse photo (sunrise), and near the end, there is a photo of a lighthouse again – this time sunset and almost blue hour. I thought the photos depict a good way of our human cycle – if there is a beginning, there is an end. It’s a journey full of life and different colours (different circumstances). I tried to put more photos with greens with streams when the music goes up high, and when the music becomes fuller and a bit more passionate, I tried to put photos with stronger colours and vast ocean pictures. Reflecting upon this journey of life, the last photo ends with a child looking over the city from the ocean.

Thank you for sharing with us Yoomi!

For more information, check out Yoomis Spotify profile!