Spotted: YuMe – Kasepen

Today I’m introducing you to the dutch composer and piano player Zoa de Wijn and the project YuMe. Zoe has played the piano since the age of eight and started composing minimal piano song about three years ago.

The track Kasepen was released as a single on the 4th of march, 2022, but will likely end up on an EP as well.

Tell us something about your track Kasepen!
Made and played in a secluded room, the music of the minimal composer YuMe mostly has a melancholic undercurrent and this surely goes for Kasepen. Kasepen is the Javanese word for abandonment and resembles YuMe’s state of mind while composing this song. Despite the slightly melancholic undertone, there is also a hopeful flow in the careful choice of notes and ritenuto’s, making the song a peaceful composition.

Thank you very much for this Zoa!

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