About the song: Arvika

About the song: Arvika

The summer of 2018 was a hot one here in Sweden. Probably one of the hottest ever, and definitely the hottest one I’ve ever experienced. I spent the four-week summer vacation in my parents’ house, which is located in my hometown Arvika. 

The summer before I had brought my keyboard with me so I could record piano and other things for an album with Rimstad Rockerz. This year, however, I wanted to challenge myself a bit. About seven years ago I bought myself a Maschine from Native instruments. I have used it a lot since then when making dance songs or hiphop-beats, but I haven’t really used all of its potential. So before the summer I decided that I was only going to bring my laptop, my Maschine and a really tiny two octave keyboard. 

The songs was written on the piano in my parents’ house, but was interlay recorded only using my Maschine and that tiny keyboard. The basement of the house was pretty much the only place where the temperature wasn’t unbearably hot, so I spent a lot of time there. 

And this song was the first one that came out. 

The picture on the cover was taken a couple of years ago. It’s the night view over my hometown taken from Viksholmen; which is a place where I always end up after a night out in Arvika. It has this amazing view over the entire city. The picture is actually upside down; so the sky on the picture is actually the reflections in the lake (if that’s not obvious?). 

Back in Malmö after the vacation I decided to make a solo piano recording of the song as well, which is the second track on the single. 

I hope you enjoy it! I surely loved making it; and now I know better how to use my Maschine!

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