About the song: Meadow

About the song: Meadow

This Friday I released a new song. Or, it’s actually not new. Usually when I write music, I record it at the same time. Then I mix it, master it, makes some kind of cover art and then start looking for a available date do release the song.

This one is very much different!

I wrote this between the takes of a recording session at the pre-school where my buddy Anders Wiking works. I had like five minutes here and there so the video of me playing it is as close to an improvisation I can get.

When I got home from the recording session I didn’t want to record the song the way I usually record. At home – with my nord electro and some kind of sample library. I wanted to try to record it with an acrostic piano.

Six months passed and I found myself celebrating Christmas in Arvika. My little sister had just bought a house, and the previous owner was some kind of piano professor at Ingesunds musical university. When the professor moved out he left an amazing upright piano just standing there, so that’s where I decided to record the song!

I recorded it on the 29th of December in Arvika – took it with me to Malmö and made some adjustments (mix and master) and then just uploaded it to be released on the 31st of January.

I hope you like the tune – because to me; it’s very special!