About the track: Bellissima

About the track: Bellissima

It’s time to talk a little bit about the latest release: Bellisima! This is another track I hade made with Rikard Mathisson. We have made music together before, but on every one of those tracks we have played four handed piano pieces. This time we wanted to try something different.

Bellissima is built around a little tune I wrote when I got my first acoustic piano in may of 2020. I wrote a lot of music right when the piano was in place, and one of the tracks was what later became Bellissima. Instead of four hands playing, this is all Rikard. He used my composition, wrote a B part and recorded the whole thing.

Rikard started recording this mid-december, and during the whole production time I was in Corona-isolation at home with the rest of my family. No one in my family were very ill, but we still wasn’t able to leave the house. I’m extremely grateful that Rikard managed to put together this production when I wasn’t able to do anything at all…

I hope you like the track!

The video footage is from Beijers park in Malmö. For Swedish kids, it’s mostly known from Sommarlovsmorgon, which is recorded there.