About the track: Northern

About the track: Northern

To talk about the track Northern I need to talk just a little bit about my uncle Per. Per has always been my biggest idol. I’ve always looked up to him and he has been a great mentor when it comes to what music I should listen to. So when he asked me in 2010 if I wanted to help him make a record for one of his books (Prinsessans Rockband), I immediately said yes. The record sold very well, and we were awarded a Gold Record in Sweden.

After that we didn’t make much music together. Almost nothing at all.

Until early 2020 when he wrote to me and asked if I wanted to finish a couple of piano tunes that he’d been working on.

The first one I started to work on was the song Western which have been released as a solo piano version on my EP Sinclair in may, 2020.

When he sent me the track Northern, what I fell for immediately was the bass line; especially the two notes that leads up to every phrase. So that’s where I started with the track! The melody was there, so I just needed something to do with my left hand to make it flow.

So, here it is!