More “artist name” confusions

A while back I wrote about the confusion regarding my artist name, and the reson why both Sleepy Songs and Johan Eckman is written as performing artists on most of my recent releases. On Spotify that is…

Well. The confusion seems to never stop.

On my latest single Arvika; there’s only one artist.

Sleepy Songs.

Why is that then? I can see the reson why the first track only has Sleepy Songs since that one is another genre. But the second track, the piano solo, must be in the same genre as everything else I have released recently, right?

Not according to Spotify.

Since one of the tracks of the release is not in the classical genre; the others can’t be in the classical genre either.

So, that’s the short explanation why my single Arvika, as well as my upcoming single Falsterbo won’t be listed under the artist Johan Eckman.