Sleepy Songs part 2

Again, sorry for all the errors after the translation. I’m trying my best!

My last post of ”the history behind Sleepy Songs” ended with me getting tired of it, and soon becoming a father for the first time. After a few years of being a father (for both the first and second time) I ended up having summer vacation. And for some reason I had brought my keyboard with me… 

During the summer of 2017 I brought my “mobile studio” with me for summer vacation with my family. The reason was that I was going to record backgrounds for Rimstad Rockerz’s album Tidens Led during the summer, and therefore I needed some studio equipment. The first two weeks of the four week long vacation were spent at my parents house in Arvika. The recording of Tidens Led went really well and were sounding pretty good after those weeks, so when we went our next destination (a little house at Näset just outside Gothenburg) the work with Tidens Led was already finished.

I decided to challenge myself. Perhaps it would be fun trying to do one Sleepy Song every day of that week? Good practice for me! Play a piano, compose effectively with a deadline and bring life into the old Sleepy Songs project that has been dead for about three years.

On the first day I started with my first song. And that song were, of course, named Ankomst (which means ”Arrival”l). And then it just went on. Six songs in eight days (well, I needed some time off as well).

The name v. 31 simply stands for Week 31 (v = vecka in Swedish which means week). And the week we spent at Näset was the 31st of that year. The picture on the cover is a picture I took one of those days when the weather was nice during the week. The song Skärgården is my favorite from the album. I first named it Styrsö which gives some indications of what we did that day. (Styrsö is a ”small” island just outside Gotherburg. Really beautiful! Visit!)

So. Sleepy Songs had been brought back from the dead. And I played the piano like never before!

When I came back from my vacation and went back to ordinary life again I continued to play a lot of piano. I also started experimenting with different softwares I bought over the years (especially different piano plug-ins and synthesizers). After a while I had a pile of new songs at hand, and I realized that I probably should make a release out of it. I picked out the four songs I liked the best (a piano solo, an orchestra composition and two ambient songs with synth pads and stuff). The EP kind of namned itself. 

A month earlier my wife had painted a simple portrait of me, which I liked very much, and it became the cover of the EP.

Creativity just continued to flow and this resulted in my latest EP “Piano pt. 6 “. Thanks to a couple of playlists with piano music with many follower, a few of the songs is getting a lot of plays at the moment. 

After a while, I took courage to me and asked my uncle if he had any drawings in stock, and Ireallt liked this portrait which became the cover of the EP.


Tomorrow, my new single is coming out. It’s gonna be great!

Hope you had a fun time reading this, and please take the time to listen to at least a few of the tracks!

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