Spring is near

So came the day that I had looked forward to for so long! The release of my single Spring is near! 

I wanted to write a couple of words of the song. It might get a bit technical, so I hope thats ok. 

The song was written the same way I usually write songs; I sit down by my Nord Electro 5D (only 61 keys) and play around for a bit. I always record my jam sessions in case I come up with something nice. Sometimes I just put everything in the trash and go on with my life. This time I found a theme I really liked! 

I wrote it in February. The snow stayed for a really long time in Skåne this year, so the spring wasn’t really near when I created this song. But with the climate in Skåne it can be winter one week, followed by summer the very next, so I took no chances. I named the songs Spring is near. 

For the recording of the songs I used a regular piano from Native Instruments. And below that piano I used the Plate Space Piano by Olafur Arnalds and Spitfire audio. While mixing I wanted some tension in the piano so I added my recently bought plugin from UAD the EP-34 Delay plugin which I automated the shit out of to create more of an effect rather than a delay. You can hear it quite clear in the end of the song where the delay loops so hard it almost distorts. 

So. That was a couple of words. 

Hope you enjoy the song!

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