Thank you, 2020!

Thank you, 2020!

It’s New Years eve, and also my 35th birthday. It time to give you a short summary of the year!

With this post I want thank all of the readers on this blog and listeners of my music. The year 2020 was, for most people, a shitty year in life. But for piano music (and especially streaming wise), it was a good year (at least for me). Since more people have been working from home; I guess with piano music in the background, the stats have been crazy and I’ve broken record after record. I’ll thank you for choosing to listening to my music, with hope that it got the work done!

And to top of the piano year; my song Early Christmas morning was added to the biggest Apple Music editorial list with 10.000+ plays daily. Insane!

And since most piano players and composers have been on some kind of lockdown/quarantine and haven’t been able to perform live, they have composed like never before; which also has made the blog to grow and the submission basked have been full most of the time.

Earlier I had a much broader spectra with what kind of music I posted about here, but since I’ve gotten more submission than ever since Corona break out I have focused on pure piano music. It’s been hard sometimes to decline great track, but to not be overwhelmed with work, I had to.

To end this post; lets hope 2021 will be equally good piano wise and much better Corona-wise.

Happy new year everyone!

The picture for this post was taken exactly one year ago when I was recording the ep Sinclair at my sisters house in Arvika, Värmland.