Spotted: Aaron Vaurio Jackson – It’s over now

Today I’m presenting you with the track It’s over now by the American composer and piano player Aaron Vaurio Jackson, born in New Jersey but currently located in Connecticut. The first time Aaron touched a piano was at the age of four. He describes it as ” it felt like I had put my finger in an electrical socket. The vibrations shocked and scared me.”. He later started writing songs on the piano to “work out those feelings”.

The track It’s over now was released as a single on the 16th of September, 2022, but will also be part of an upcoming album.

Tell us something about your track It’s over now!
My studio flooded when I was writing and recording this track. I had been tracking piano for a different project when suddenly I had this idea for a barcarolle-style solo piano thing in 6, so I switched gears and started to record a few sketchy takes of the new idea. And I was sitting at the piano in the middle of a take when suddenly my feet started to feel wet. I was like, Huh, this feels a little weird, but then I looked down and saw the water coming in all around and then it kept rising. I had to get all my gear out as quickly as I could – and shut off the electricity! – and then once the water stopped coming in, I had to start the long process of getting the water out of there. It made me really appreciate that the piano is up on legs. I worked out the middle section of the track in my head as I was bailing and vacuuming up water.

Thanks for this Aaron!

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