Spotted: Federico Farrandina – Abysmal

Today I’m introducing you to the track Abysmal by the Italian composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Federico Farrandina. Federico was born into a family of classical musicians and has himself composed music for numerous TV-shows and movies.

The track Abysmal was released as a single on the 23rd of September, 2022.

Tell us something about your track Abysmal!
Abysmal is a dive in an underwater, unconscious space, populated by memories and dreams. The piano moves in a soft register and draws classical symmetries, where nostalgia and intimacy cross their paths. 
I composed this track on an old upright piano from the 60s, it used to belong to my mom, it’s the piano where she studied and prepared for her graduation, it has a voice of its own. Initially my plan was hiring a professional piano player to record Abysmal in a proper recording studio, which I did, but in the end I decided to use my own recording in my home studio with that old piano, its intimacy, its noises, I realized it was all part of the composition. 

Thank you for this Federico!

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