Spotted: aaronk – memo II

Spotted: aaronk – memo II

Today I’m presenting you to the track memo II by the American composer, piano player and trumpet player aaronk. aaronk started to play the piano at the age of seven in Utah. Music has always been a part of his life since his parents both played in symphony orchestras.

“Once the pandemic hit, I figured I’d take my composition skills and meet them with my recording skills to write and produce the EP ‘memos’, a two track collection. I was able to find and purchase my first real professional Kawaii upright for the recordings which made them that much more special.”

The EP memos was released on the 11th of October, 2021.

Tell us something about your track memo II!
This is the first true solo piano piece I’ve composed, and it was inspired by a short film score I’m working on. During quarantine I could dream away arpeggios and chord progressions to find peace, and I appreciated the solitude.

Thank you for this!