Spotted: Aatraus – Until the Morning Sun

Today I’m introducing you to the Finnish composer and piano player Aatraus from Tampere, Finland. Aatraus is a self-taught pianist who has been composing since high school. In addition to creating piano pieces, he also writes orchestral music mainly for video games.

The track Until the Morning Sun was released as a single on the 2nd of September 2022. It’s the third single from the upcoming album The Tomorrow.

Tell us something about your track Until the Morning Sun!
The album is an introspection of my life after my studies, and portrays relief for finally finishing my thesis after a long struggle, but also wistfulness for the end of my time as a student, and uncertainty of what is to come in the future. “Until the Morning Sun” is dedicated to those long days where I would zone out and work through the night, only realising how much time had passed when the sun began to rise. Unsurprisingly, this piece was also written in the early hours of the morning.

Thank you for this Aatraus!

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