Spotted: ABBOTT – First Steps

Spotted: ABBOTT – First Steps

Today I’m introducing you to the latest track First Steps by the dutch composer ABBOTT, which you can read more about here. Abbott lives and works in Hamburg, Germany and makes music for film and “commercial music”.

The track First steps was released on the album Somnia on the 15th of may, 2020.

Tell us something about your track First steps!
Even though ‘First Steps’ is the second track of the album, it is the real beginning. It represents all the colors I’m using in terms of instrumentation and orchestration. The song is about the story of life. From our first steps to our last, how life picks you up slowly and carries us through. From first steps that are taken alone and first steps that are taken together. This all puts us through a melancholic narrative with a warm and a nostalgic feel. I wanted to create a soundworld where you immediately fall into and what carries you through this story. I wanted it to be melancholic but overall hopeful and positive.

Thank you very much for sending me this track!

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